You only get one chance to make a first impression, and even that chance is quite short. This rule applies both to you and your property. Studies show that you have between seven and 10 seconds to communicate just who you are and what your property means to you.

On one hand, the brief interval can be a reason for stress — wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit more time? On the other hand, that tiny impression window can be a huge opportunity. Combine the correct elements, and you can make your property say great things about you in an instant. There’s no need for extra explanation. Even better, it’s all in your control and with the help of our team, you can fine-tune your property’s message. Both businesses and residential properties can benefit from well-done curb appeal.

As hardscape and landscape lighting experts, we know all about curb appeal. In today’s blog, we want to share some of the basic concepts we keep in mind when it comes to making a property look its best.


Curb appeal is a property’s ability to attract people who know nothing about it. You’ll probably hear no end of it if you want to sell your home. We’re going to break it down into its parts so it’s easier to understand!


Hardscaping adds architectural and functional elements to your property. Both front and backyards generally have hardscaping of some sort.  While our team does a lot of hardscaping work in people’s backyards, there is a lot of hardscaping in the front yard, too. Front yard hardscaping is important because, when it comes to curb appeal, the front of your home or business does most of the work. Here are some aspects to consider.

  • Your driveway: Is it chipped or cracked? Though driveways last a long time, they aren’t invincible, and they can start to look pretty ratty as time goes by. They aren’t just about appearance, either; they need to be safe for walking and driving. They should also shed water away from the home, acting as giant gutters. If your driveway is looking tired, look into getting it replaced. The impact will amaze you.
  • Your walkways: When someone walks up to your home, they shouldn’t run the risk of tripping. They shouldn’t have to pick their way around weeds. If your walkways are getting tired, you’re seeing a massive opportunity! Walkways are places where you can have fun with colors, materials, and designs. We can help you design your walkways and install them to last!

Whether you need help conceptualizing your hardscape (concrete patios, walkways or stairs, water features, retaining walls) or you’re interested in functional or decorative plantings, groundcover, or irrigation, let us help you get your ideas in black and white so that we can make your new outdoor space a reality (and have others seeing green!).


  • Your lawn, borders, and plantings. Beyond the face of your home, your landscaping has the biggest impact on viewers. You’ll want to make sure your lawn is free of brown spots and getting mowed regularly. The borders always need extra attention and your trees and bushes should be trimmed regularly. You want your landscaping to look its best.
  • Clutter and unsightly features. Make sure your property isn’t cluttered, as there’s not much else that makes a bad impression as quickly. Additionally, if you have an AC unit or another unsightly element where people will see it, you can hide it away with plants.


A majority of people will probably see your landscaping under daylight. However, making sure your property shines at night ensures that its curb appeal never quits. Homes have exterior lights, but there are so many additional possibilities! By incorporating energy-efficient lights into your landscaping at strategic points, you can emphasize beauty and increase security. A well-lit yard discourages intruders by making them feel exposed. It also allows you to see what is going on with one glance out the window. We are landscaping lighting experts and can make the processes effortless for you in Castle Rock.


The Front Range is exploding, and making sure your property is looking its best will ensure your already-valuable investment is worth even more. Additionally, you will find that you get a lot more enjoyment out of your landscaping when you let us work with your plantings, lighting, and paver patio installation. Any plot of land is a pure opportunity, and when you work with RMPS Landscaping, the sky’s the limit. Contact us to learn more!

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