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Hardscape | Brick Pavers | Flagstone | Granite | Stonework

Stone Hardscape Design and Installation

RMPS Landscaping designs and installs every type of hardscape, including interlocking brick pavers, flagstone, granite, and other stonework. We are proud to offer hardscape design to both residential and commercial property owners. Whether you are looking for a patio, walkway, or a complete driveway, we can design and install the project to manufacturer standards and guidelines. Walkways made of flagstone, cut or natural edge, can add both beauty and functionality to a landscape.

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Backyard Stone & Paver Patio

The thing is, it’s hard to enjoy a space or walkway when its surface is uneven, soggy, or improperly-sized. This is where our team can make a profound difference.

We’ve been installing stamped concrete for years, but we understand that not everyone else is as familiar with it as we are! Here is a basic rundown of how stamped concrete is installed.

Why not make your castle the best it can be with concrete stamped to look like rock? All jokes aside, our expert team of concrete stampers is here to make your dreams come true. Contact us in Castle Rock to learn more about what we can do for you!

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Driveways & Retaining Walls

Whether you want the rich terracotta coloring of an Italian villa or the colors of natural slate, this is where that magic happens! We usually avoid applying color evenly because it makes for an awkward, fabricated look, which most people don’t want. Instead, we toss color powders onto the concrete. The powders chemically bond with the concrete and permanently stains it. No superfluous paint here! As the concrete dries, natural patterns form and that prepares the concrete for the next step.

Concrete shines in everything from gigantic villa driveways to simple poolside walkways, but its benefits don’t stop at your doorstep. Sure, concrete is beloved outside because it looks amazing while preventing slips, but it can also shine inside. You can coat it with epoxy and get a showroom garage, polish it up and cover it with lush rugs in your living room, or create a serene surface in the bathroom. This is a floor that will outlast every other floor in your home! When installed tastefully and carefully, concrete can be the perfect touch your home needs.

Stairs & Fountains

In addition to colored and stamped concrete, we also provide high-quality driveways, sidewalks, regular concrete patios, walkways, and pathways. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate to show you every option available. Find out how concrete designs can augment your usable yard space and create beautiful outdoor areas on your property!

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Hardscaping Stone Work & Patio Design

We also design and install all types of retaining walls, whether it be block, boulder, or structured flag, RMPS Landscaping uses its own staff to build everything from a garden wall to a complete retaining wall system with incorporated steps into the design if the client desires. Contact us in Castle Rock to get started!

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