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Lawn Services & Grass Installation

Sod Installation

Lawn Sod, Plants, and Trees

Hardscape is the framework of any landscape design or project. Sod and plants give it life. We at RMPS Landscaping work with the finest suppliers and garden centers to provide the absolute highest quality trees, shrubs, and perennials for your landscaping.

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Grass & Sod Landscaping

Our premium quality sods are drought-tolerant and blended for the front range of Colorado and Denver. Colorado Blue sod is great for active family yards and has the ability to withstand punishment and recover quickly. It is great for kids and pets with year-round color and density.

When you turn to us in Castle Rock for expert sod installation, we guarantee our sod, as well as plant life, for a calendar year. Contact us to get started!

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Trees & Large Shrubs

Our team picks and installs each plant according to sunlight needs and overall landscape design to ensure that your hardscape has all of the life and color it deserves.

Tree and plantlife provide the structure to really pull your yard together for your landscaping project. They also provide a great variety of colors and shapes that offset just stone and grass.  Trees are a great way to bring some shade in your backyard for hot summer days!

Shrubs & Plantlife

Shrubs, Plants, and Flowers

When thinking about landscaping you cannot forget about color and variety! Flowers, shrubs, and other plant life are the perfect enhancement to your landscaping project to bring it variety and balance.

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Sod, Plants, Trees & Shrubs!

RMPS Landscaping has experts for all your landscaping needs. Let us help you pick and install the perfect tree, shrubs, or flower to balance your yard with new color and variet! Contact us in Castle Rock to get started!

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