Thinking of selling your home? Be sure to spend some time freshening up your outdoor areas. From plants and flowers to fencing and hardware, there are several ways you can spruce up your home’s exterior. Read on to learn some simple and affordable landscaping tips that enhance curb appeal.

1. Add some mulch. A new layer of mulch can make a tired exterior look new, fresh and clean. Apply a nice thick layer to all your garden beds and around trees and shrubs. Relatively affordable, mulch is very easy to apply. It also comes in a variety of colors which can help promote the contrast of the surrounding vegetation and make everything look more prominent.

2. Add some colorful plants. Seasonal colors can make your landscape pop, especially if your house doesn’t really stand out on your block. Flats of annuals are inexpensive, so it’s easy to spread them around your home. Choose splashes of varying colors or opt for a more monochromatic style – whatever best suits the unique aesthetic of your home.

3. Add some outdoor lighting. Exterior lighting is a great way to highlight existing features in your yard. If you decide that wiring fixtures into your outdoor areas is too expensive, modern solar models are available. Non-permanent, singular outdoor lights are also convenient options and come in an array of shapes and sizes.

4. Use hardscaping. You can really improve curb appeal by adding secondary hardscape elements. A deep sidewalk, for instance, allows you to add a wider flower bed as an attractive accent. A pretty little bench provides a nice place for a gathering of perennials and shrubs. Stepping stone walkways can also add appeal when properly placed around your exterior.

5. Plant some boxwoods. Do you have an old wooden fence that needs replacing? Instead of spending the money on a new fence, consider replacing the wood with a row of boxwood hedges. This can add some lushness to your landscape, while sectioning it off in an abrupt, attractive way.

boxwood bushes6. Camouflage eyesores. Almost every home has one or more flaws. If you’re planning to sell your home, don’t forget to strategically conceal areas to keep from alienating prospective buyers. This includes things like meters, utility boxes and grates. A well-placed potted plant or a smattering of bark can do wonders to camouflage unsightly areas.

7. Beautify your drainage. If you need drainage for your lawn, there’s no reason it has to look unsightly. Make it look more attractive by installing a French drain of pretty rocks or gravel.

8. Hire a landscaper. It can be difficult and time-consuming to make targeted, effective landscaping improvements to your home. A professional contractor can quickly and efficiently rework your home’s exterior, so it attracts attention for all the right reasons. They can also make intriguing and impactful suggestions based on your budget.

9. Keep things low maintenance. Even if you enjoy gardening, you should keep things manageable. An elaborate garden can be hard to deal with when you’re busy trying to sell a house. It can also turn off potential buyers who may be discouraged by large beds that demand a lot of work or plants that shed a lot of natural litter such as seed pods or petals.

Things to Consider

If you have a big house with a flat front, little flowers won’t provide very impactful curb appeal. Instead, think about using plants and repetition that will help complement the size and shape of the house. You can line a path with mid-size shrubs, for instance. Strategic plant grouping really makes a difference when it reflects the lines and shape of the house and walkways.

You can also give your home a nice fresh look by making a quick and relatively inexpensive trip to the hardware store. Whether it’s old gutters and downspouts or rusty railing on the front steps, aging hardware can seriously diminish curb appeal. By replacing these items, you can seriously improve the look of your home. A new door handle or door knocker can also brighten the appearance of your front porch. You can also try adding some new stylish address numbers for a fresh, defining accent.

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