New homes are great…except when you look at the backyard. New homeowners are often anxious to get something installed to cut down the dirt and mud – but it comes at a time when funds are low and workload is high.

If you’re faced with an empty, flat rectangle, and you can’t hire us right now to design and install your perfect backyard setting, here’s some advice:

Think about what you NEED now.  It could be a play zone, dog run, or bar-b-que pad…install those first then look and see what else is needed.

Now think about plants. Expensive trees and high maintenance plants can wait, opt for perennial flowers, pots with splashes of annual color and ground covers.

A little sod goes a long way! BUT remember, before you go “all in” – you’ll want to think about having us over to install a sprinkler system! (and don’t worry – when you’re ready, we’ll be there to help you renovate your yard…keeping what you want and updating the rest!)

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