We do a lot of renovations where people have overplanted their outdoor areas. While I know that it might look nicer to crowd plants when you first put them in and they are small, a year from now most are dead because of over-crowding and their fight to share space and soil nutrients.

If the plants do survive, three to five years from now you’ll have a jungle of tangled plants that will need to be trimmed, cut down or cut out.

Instead of wasting money on buying all those plants and hoping it turns out well – call us. We’ll work with you on a design
that includes proper plants for your space, where to buy them and how to plant them…OR…we can also install them for you.

While we don’t do yard maintenance (mowing, trimming, weeding, etc), with proper planning you will have a low-maintenance space that will “work” for years to come.

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