Lawn edging materials allow you to easily create attractive boundaries between your garden, lawn or driveway. But which material is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular landscape edging materials, so you can better determine which might be right for your specific needs.

Rubber Edging

Made from recycled materials, rubber edging provides a nice finished look to beautiful landscaping designs. You can use it around trees, next to sidewalks, driveways and planting beds. Certain varieties have a flat construction that helps prevent weeds and other unwanted growth from occurring around flower beds and beneath fencing. Other types come with scalloped edges that create more of a border around your landscaping areas.

Wood Edging

Wood edging is an attractive, affordable way to enhance your landscape and hold mulch and soil within your garden beds. Sturdy spikes and flexible backing allow for easy installation in a curve, circle or straight line. Many half-log designs have staggered heights that provide an alluring, natural-looking border. Basic landscape timber is another great option that’s pressure-treated to guard against fungi, termites and rot. You can choose a natural finish or add paint or stain to match your existing landscape design.

Plastic Edging

No-dig plastic is a popular edging option that’s relatively cheap and easy to install. Spikes provide a secure hold without the need for digging. Certain heavy-duty plastic edging does require narrow trenches along the installation area. Whatever the case, virtually all plastic edging has a flexible design that allows you to create custom shapes or straight sections with relative ease. Rolls come in multiple lengths you can cut as needed. You can also join additional lengths together using connectors.

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Metal Edging

Metal edging has a durable construction that helps you easily maintain an organized, manicured lawn, flowerbed or garden. Some stiff varieties of metal edging come in manageable lengths that efficiently interlock with other segments, allowing you to scale your landscaping project as needed. Others come in rolls and have more flexible designs that allow you to install curves and contours for customized landscape designs.

Brick Edging

Brick edging delivers a more sophisticated dividing line between your grass and flower beds or garden. Clay edgers come in a diversity of sizes and hues that can be coordinated by dimension or color. You can choose a variety of sizes, shades and shades to create an aesthetically pleasing pattern. Some brick edging comes with a scalloped edge. For edging that sits horizontally, you can lay the bricks flat within a trench or set each brick edge-to-edge upright for a more distinct border.

Concrete Edging

A versatile edging option, concrete can provide the look and feel of actual clay brick or give the visual texture of faux weathered cut stone. It’s relatively easy to install and can drastically enhance your lawn while streamlining trimming and mowing chores. Certain kinds of concrete edging blocks come with ball-and-socket designs that let you create gap-free curves. Since color in tinted concrete products can vary from pallet to pallet, it’s always best to buy all your edging pieces at once.

Edging Stones

Whether it’s natural or fabricated, stone edging adds a very attractive aesthetic to your landscape. Certain kinds can be made from concrete that allows for easy installation in curves or straight lines. Hand-cut natural granite edging stones have a beautiful tumbled appearance that delivers a compelling old-world cobblestone look. You can blend gray granite with black, blush or tan granite cobblestones to create your own customized outdoor space.

Which Is Best?

When it comes to choosing an appropriate landscape edging material, there are a lot of things to consider, including your personal taste and budget. It’s also important to consider your individual landscape and whether certain types of edging materials will remain durable and complement the general aesthetic over time. It helps to get guidance from professionals who have experience choosing and installing a wide variety of edging materials.

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