When it comes to the exterior and surrounding landscape of our homes and yards, we often don’t consider what it looks like in the dark. Being so used to seeing it all in vibrant natural sunlight, the thought of installing outdoor lighting to showcase our home landscape at night just doesn’t cross our minds. 

As it turns out, the utility of outdoor landscape lighting often isn’t fully realized until it’s been set up. From adding visual appeal and making your home stand out amongst the others in the neighborhood, to providing an extra layer of security, there are several benefits to having your house and property illuminated throughout the night.

Here’s a list of 6 benefits of outdoor landscape lighting on your property.

1. It Adds Curb Appeal

The most obvious benefit of landscape lighting is that it adds curb appeal to your property. Curb appeal is a popular term that encompasses what your house looks like to someone viewing it from the street. Real estate agents are quick to point out the importance of curb appeal in selling a home.

Outdoor lighting can be an excellent way to add some visual splendor to your house and yard. From bullet lights to wash lights to flood and overhead lights, a wide variety of lighting styles can be utilized to illuminate all the best parts of your home at night.

A well-landscaped property will have great curb appeal during the day, so why squander that appeal all through the night? By implementing landscape lighting throughout the exteriors of your home, you will attract attention from neighbors and passers-by whose eyes will naturally gaze upon that which is illuminated.

2. It Adds a Layer of Security

outdoor landscape lighting walkway

Home invaders rely on the cover of night to perform their dirty work. What better way to significantly reduce or even eliminate the possibility of being burglarized than to install outdoor lighting as a deterrent?

Much in the same way that commercial businesses keep some lights on overnight to discourage illegal activity, the same concept applies to our homes. A well-lit home draws attention from neighbors and pedestrians, making it easier for them to spot suspicious activity on your property.

Outdoor landscape lighting is so effective as a theft deterrent that some insurance companies even offer discounts to homeowners who utilize it.

3. It Extends Usability of Outdoor Areas

Daylight is a precious commodity, especially during the Winter months when it’s in shortest supply. Landscape lighting allows you to extend the usability of outdoor areas around your home, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your porch, patio, garden, and other inviting areas all through the night. 

Warm, sunny days are perfect for backyard bar-b-ques, but our schedules don’t always align with the rotation of the Earth. An illuminated patio is a great way to allow for a cookout at any time, even when the rest of the neighborhood is asleep!

4. It Makes Your Property Safer to Navigate

How do night owls do their yardwork? Well, without any lighting, they don’t. While nighttime probably isn’t the most common time to be gardening, there are a thousand scenarios where a homeowner may be required to inspect their outdoor landscape in the dark. Having outdoor landscape lighting makes this process that much safer, providing a visible path and a means to avoid tripping and falling. 

Outdoor lighting on your home also makes it safer for guests to navigate during evening get-togethers, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the layout of your property.

5. It’s a Fun Experiment!

There are virtually endless possibilities when it comes to personalizing your outdoor landscape lighting. Experimenting with a variety of lighting styles, options, placements and angles can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially once you’ve found the perfect set up that displays your home in the best possible light.

Whether you’re looking to add depth and dimension to your home’s exterior or showcase that lovely garden you’ve been working tirelessly on, external lighting is a home project with “fun” written all over it.

6. It Adds Value

If nothing else, having outdoor landscape lighting ups the value of your property, especially if it’s done tastefully and stylishly. The curb appeal factor alone of outdoor lighting can prove quite advantageous if your home happens to be on the market.

Whatever your reason for going with outdoor landscape lighting, your best bet is to enlist the help of a professional landscaping company. RMPS Landscaping has been providing outdoor lighting and landscape design in Colorado for years, and can help you achieve your wildest outdoor lighting dreams. To get started with exterior lighting on your property, contact us today.

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