Above-ground pools have become popular outdoor recreational spaces for modern families. Unfortunately, these sparkling backyard water features can often stick out like a sore thumb. If your above-ground pool feels a little disconnected from the rest of your landscape, there are some things you can do. Read on to learn some clever above ground pool landscaping ideas from RMPS Landscaping.

Plan for Fencing

A good pool fence is the absolute first thing to consider before you start landscaping around your pool. While the pool wall essentially acts as a barrier for smaller swimmers, it’s often not enough. Your state, county and city will specify the exact standards for pool fencing in your area. Check with local officials to get the fencing and building standards that apply to you.

Create a Walkway

Above-ground pools aren’t typically surrounded by concrete, so consider adding a nice, durable walkway instead.

No one likes dragging grass and dirt into a fresh, clean pool. Lay down simple, sturdy stepping stones or construct something more elaborate, such as a nice, attractive paver walkway, to keep your feet and pool clean.

If you’d like something fancier, consider an above-ground pool deck. These can be simple or sublime, depending on your taste and budget.

Install a Facade

While they do provide hours of wet and wild fun, above-ground pools can sometimes look a bit cheap. Because they sit atop your landscape, these pools can look like eyesores, which attract attention for all the wrong reasons.

If you dislike the lower-cost aesthetic of your above-ground pool, consider covering it with siding to elevate its appearance. Some wood slats or bamboo privacy screens make good alternatives to the cheap plastic look of many pool walls. Alternatively, a complete-surround deck will provide a nice, high-quality effect.

above ground pool landscaping ideasChoose Plants Wisely

The right vegetation can give your poolscape a nice polished look. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing plants to surround your pool. Does your landscape get enough sunlight? Can chlorine damage the foliage? Will roots grow too much and damage the underside of your pool? Do saltwater pools pose a greater threat to specific types of vegetation?

These are all important questions that drive many homeowners to seek professional landscaping services.

In general, certain plants do best near above-ground pools. These include:

Evergreen: Evergreen plants are ideal because they produce very little leaf litter. This helps you avoid having to skim leaves out of the water.

Grasses: Feather Reed Grass and other large grasses are popular additions to above-ground pool-sides. When planted en masse, they offer a good amount of privacy and a serene swaying effect in the wind.

Container plants: Many homeowners opt for low-maintenance rocks or mulch and accent them with potted plants. Some well-placed pots allow you to add sprays of color with flowering perennials and striking annuals. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about roots or leaves.

If you want extra privacy in your swimming area, deck out your yard with hedges, layered plantings and a nice, tall fence.

Whatever you do, avoid plants with thorns and spines next to the pool wall. This includes rose bushes, which look great but feel terrible when they snag bare skin.

Hire a Professional

Have big dreams about a truly magnificent poolscape? Work with a professional landscaper.

From rocky, hillside retreats and scenic paths to stone wall surrounds and more, there are countless gorgeous features that can elevate the look of your pool. In the right hands, your plain above-ground pool can be the cornerstone of a beautifully conceived landscape that becomes the envy of your neighbors.

To bring your vision into the real world, however, you need the experience and expertise of a skilled, creative local landscaper.

Before hiring a landscaper, however, be sure to ask to see a portfolio of their previous projects. If they cannot provide one, or it seems somewhat thin, you’d be well advised to look elsewhere.

At RMPS Landscaping in Castle Rock, we provide a full array of expert landscaping services, from hardscaping and water features to stonework, shrubs, trees, terracing, outdoor lighting, sod and full-scale landscape renovations. Contact our knowledgeable team to find out how we can help turn your boldest vision into a beautiful reality.

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