Bricks are one of the most versatile materials for exterior landscaping. They come in a variety of colors while providing exceptional durability. In the right hands, they can be used to create compelling features that contrast nicely with softer natural elements. Here are some brick landscaping ideas that can add great functionality to your outdoor living space while elevating your exterior design scheme.

Brick Walkways

Few things are as inviting as a nicely designed brick walkway winding through a lovely garden in full bloom. It’s a sturdy, quaint, classic and versatile landscaping option. You can give your walkway its own look by using different patterns and varying colors of brick. It’s a great way to add a rustic look to contemporary landscapes while also increasing the functionality of your outdoor living space.

Brick Patios

Brick patios are great choices for homes that already have some amount of brick integrated into their exterior design schemes. Continuing with the same material will make the outdoors and indoors feel more connected.

Brick patios have a nice timeless appeal that beautifully complements traditional architecture. At the same time, they can be adapted to suit more contemporary home styles. In the hands of a professional, a brick patio can become a functional work of art, where you can relax outdoors and entertain guests.

Whether they are laid over a bed of gravel, sand or over a concrete slab, brick patios can be arranged in many distinctive patterns. They also offer exceptional long-term durability, and their rich color never fades.

Brick Garden Stairs

If you have a sloping property, you may discover that routine foot traffic has worn a noticeable path through your lawn and exposed bare earth. Why not link the two elevations with some attractive brick stairs?

Safer and more architectural than a soil slope, this simple solution transforms an eyesore into a visually compelling part of your exterior landscaping design scheme, especially when you flank the steps with attractive plantings.

brick landscaping patioBrick Retaining Wall

A nice retaining wall is another smart solution to uneven terrain. When done properly, a brick wall can add architectural structure to your sloping landscape while creating a nice area for you to fill with a bench, water feature or small porch where you can sit and relax with family and friends. What’s more, when constructed by a professional landscaper, retaining walls can also help prevent erosion, which is a constant issue in sloping yards.

Brick Pedestal

A brick pedestal has numerous uses in a garden or yard, particularly when it is weatherproof and sturdy. It makes a strong, reliable base for a dish-style birdbath. It can also provide support for a weatherproof sundial or an ornate flower pot.

Brick Pony Walls

This hard structural element provides nice visual contrast to soft, natural foliage in outdoor landscapes. Walls are both decorative and functional, especially when they help support climbing plants, delineate your property lines, and shelter border foliage. Partial brick walls are particularly alluring because they are at a reasonable height that won’t obstruct your views.

Brick Water Features

A brick water feature is a great addition to outdoor landscapes because it offers yet another architectural contrast between urban and natural elements. From in-ground ponds and fountains to bird baths and waterfalls, there are plenty of options available. For best results, however, it’s important to work with a professional landscaper with decades of experience working with a variety of landscaping features.

Hire a Professional Brick Landscaper

Have big dreams about a brick-centric landscaping project? From retaining walls and water features to garden paths and outdoor fireplaces, there are countless gorgeous brick-based features that can elevate the look of outdoor space. In the right hands, your vision can become a reality, and your yard can become the envy of your neighbors. To bring your boldest vision into the real world, however, you need the expertise of a skilled, creative local Colorado landscaper.

At RMPS Landscaping in Castle Rock, we offer a complete spectrum of expert landscaping services, from brickwork and other hardscaping to water features, trees, shrubs, stonework, terracing, sod, outdoor lighting, and full-scale landscape renovations. Contact our attentive professionals to find out how we can help turn your landscape into a haven of natural beauty.

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