A beautifully designed exterior can transform an ordinary-looking house, extend its outdoor living space and raise property value. But how do you choose a professional Colorado landscaper who can do the job right? Here are some questions you should ask yourself when hiring a Colorado landscaping company.

What Services Do They Offer?

Certain Colorado landscapers offer a myriad of services, while others simply cut and trim lawns. Make sure you understand the scope and limits of their specialties. If you are hoping to bring in a professional to install a water feature in your yard, you don’t want to hire a landscaper whose services don’t extend much further beyond a weekly mow.

Are They Bonded and Insured?

Reputable Colorado landscapers work with heavy machinery. An accident could cost you a lot of money because you may be held liable for any injuries that occur on your property. This is why you want to be certain that the landscaping company carries the appropriate insurance to cover their workers and their equipment. You don’t want to be on the hook if a runaway lawnmower damages the paint job on your neighbor’s car. Make sure you are hiring an insured and bonded landscape professional with all the requisite paperwork.

How Long Have They Been Doing This?

Just because a local Colorado landscaper offers a particular service doesn’t mean they’ve been doing it for years. Sometimes small landscaping businesses will attempt to expand their services so they can tap into a larger pool of customers.

While it’s not necessarily a terrible decision to hire a landscaper who’s just starting out; it could be. After all, you really don’t want someone who’s never even trimmed a tree cutting their teeth on the giant, century-old maple that towers over your house.

Do They Have Specialists on Staff?

Just as you wouldn’t want to visit a dentist for a heart issue, you don’t really want to hire an arborist to create a beautiful paver patio. Check to ensure that the Colorado landscaping professionals you hire specialize in the tasks you require.

landscaper working on a tabletWho Will Do the Work?

If you have any experience working with contractors, you are probably familiar with the following scenario: You sit down with a fast-talking professional, have a satisfying meeting, and decide to go ahead with a project; then, they send out a crew of strangers, and you never see that person again.

Whenever you’re vetting a landscaper, be sure to ask who will be doing the actual work, and inquire about their qualifications.

Will Communication Be a Problem?

A reputable Colorado landscaping company will provide contact information, so you can get in touch with them without lengthy delays. They should promptly respond to your questions and concerns with clear answers that make sense. Beware of landscaping companies that don’t return texts or phone calls and use a lot of confusing industry jargon. The quality of customer service will tell you a lot about a landscaper’s professionalism or lack thereof.

Will They Provide a Copy of the Plans?

It may surprise you to learn that some landscapers aren’t comfortable giving prospective customers copies of their plans. Often, they fear that they may take these plans to a competitor or use the plans as some sort of DIY blueprint. If you’re a visual person who prefers to see a rough outline to help imagine a project, make sure your landscaper is willing to hand over the goods.

Do They Have References and a Portfolio?

These days, it’s a lot easier for homeowners to check local landscaper reviews and references online. With that said, you don’t always know what they hired the landscaper for. A homeowner might leave a landscaper a five-star review for a simple job. Unfortunately, this may not apply to your specific needs.

Before hiring a Colorado landscaper, ask to see a portfolio of their previous work. If they can’t provide one, or it seems a bit thin, you’d be well advised to look elsewhere.

At RMPS Landscaping in Castle Rock, we realize you have many choices when it comes to hiring a local landscaping company in Colorado. We hope you turn to us for your next landscaping project! Visit our About page to learn more, and contact us for a free estimate on your next landscaping project.

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