More and more homeowners are elevating their outdoor spaces with modern landscaping concepts. Here are some design ideas that will give your landscape a nice modern feel.

Creating a Modern Aesthetic

Modern landscapes are typically defined by their clean, hard-edged minimalism and use of materials such as metals and concrete. That said, there are also contemporary landscaping concepts that include more natural aesthetics with wood accents. While these designs will have plenty of structure, they tend to be less rigid and formal compared to more urban-style modern landscape designs. In both cases, the designs tend to adopt a less-is-more fundamental.

While schemes can vary widely, most include one or more of the following:

1. A Sleek and Unique Garden

Modern landscape designs should have specific areas that showcase different plants. A contemporary garden is a great place to start. Modern gardens need to have nice clean lines and neat, clearly-defined spaces. Plant beds should have straight, mildly softened edges.

When choosing plants, go with something that won’t compromise your uniform appearance by becoming unruly. Opt for green and/or pale-colored varieties that tend to work best in modern designs. Try to avoid blending too many varieties or your landscape will look less modern and more traditional.

2. Contrasting Textures

This modern architectural concept makes use of varying textures to develop eye-catching elements. One easy way to incorporate contrasting textures in your landscape is by using gravel or stone in pathways within your lawn. Consider getting metal siding or wooden planters as well.

Another effective way you can incorporate this concept is to add gravel gardens. Before you start planting, cover the beds with about five inches of evenly spread pea gravel. This will help drought-tolerant native plants survive and thrive in sharp drainage. Bee balm, autumn moor grass, coral bells, portulaca, juniper and whirling butterflies are some hearty varieties that look attractive in gravel gardens.

front yard modern landscape design3. Geometric Shapes

Shapes play key roles in modern landscape designs. They give exteriors a clean-lined contemporary look and tidy, defined areas while functioning as compelling focal points. With this in mind, when planning a modern design, it’s best to incorporate circles, squares, triangles, rectangles and other simple shapes throughout.

You can also create straight-lined stone paths to your outdoor sitting area and garden. Another good idea is to create circular enclosures around trees using rocks, brick or rock mulch.

A nice trellis wall is also a nice feature that can highlight geometric shapes. Whether you use it for your climbers, hanging plants or decide to leave them bare, this eye-catching element provides an instant modern vibe.

You can also include plants with interesting shapes to elevate your landscape. Examples include cedar, boxwood, cedar, hydrangeas and succulents.

4. Light and Neutral Colors

White is the most typical color used in contemporary architectural design. Unfortunately, this can cause modern landscapes to appear too formal and uninviting. You can warm up your landscape by adding light and neutral colors which create a more inviting, friendlier vibe. For instance, a light brown wooden seat and table is a nice way to warm up a white fence. Neutral-colored planters can also provide a nice contrast and visual interest throughout.

5. Zen Elements

These design elements are intended to inspire peace and relaxation. Ponds, fountains and other water features are key ways to highlight Zen in your modern landscape. You can also create Zen-like outdoor spaces by using hedges or bamboo as privacy barriers.

Other strategies include incorporating smooth pebbles, pavers, a resting area with wooden benches, and raked sand for a mini-Japanese garden. To emphasize a Zen atmosphere all year round, you can plant attractive green perennials.

A truly stunning landscape must meet the homeowner’s expectations while functioning flawlessly. From water conservation to positive drainage, there are a lot of things to consider when creating a modern outdoor space. At the same time, the area should be a seamless extension of you and your home.

It can be challenging to create and maintain a modern landscape. That’s why it’s best to delegate this difficult task to professionals with years of experience creating beautiful, functional landscapes of every type.

Whether you need a front yard or backyard landscape renovation, RMPS provides a range of professional landscaping services, including hardscaping and stone work, artificial turf / greens, outdoor lighting, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help give your backyard the modern-day edge it needs!

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